This is LW Advisory!

We are like a mobile, flexible and smart corporate legal department with the right skills and resources for your legal challenges and opportunities.


About LW Advisory

We founded LW Advisory for the sake of our customers and our employees. Our company is based on customer needs and created with our employee’s best interest at heart. We offer business law advice on customer terms, blended with digital entrepreneurship in a wide range of services with predictable price tags.

We provide a flexible way for you as a customer to get the help you need (preferably before the problems arise). Sometimes in the form of a contract system or a training program. But mostly through a team of dedicated business lawyers giving legal advice in cooperation (preferably for us) in a longer relationship.

A strength in our support comes from the experience our lawyers have had as corporate lawyers. We understand the importance of support in a business context and that the business is always No. 1. These experiences are combined with top talent from the most recognized law firms. Experience and quality serve as a good base when we build the future of legal services.

"We are like a mobile, flexible and smart legal department with the right skills and resources for all your legal challenges and opportunities"

We are inspired by, and proud of, our vision and customers. We like to grow and develop together with our customers. We want to understand what matters to you in different situations. Only then, can we provide advice that is practical, precise and just right for you.

We are convinced that innovation, automation and AI will create affordable and better legal services and more stimulating tasks for lawyers. We aim to be a driving force in this change and work in a variety of projects with our customers for increased digitalization. With our experience from different AI solutions, we also know what efforts and factors are needed to succeed in AI projects.

For you as a colleague, we represent a modern workplace characterized by care for each other and our customers. With us, your knowledge, your experience and your personality are key and valuable. Your commitment and participation are the prerequisites for our common success. With us, you are the teeth of the gear that move things forward and make a difference, every day.

We are part of Legal Works Nordic, Sweden's leading NewLaw initiative with recruitment, interim and outsourcing services, together with digitization and data protection services.
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