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Our data protection team has expert knowledge and experience in data protection from both advisory and in-house legal roles. We have extensive experience in the practical application of data protection law and can provide you with all the support and advice you need to succeed in your work with GDPR. 


Advice & Implementation

Legal advice and practical implementation of data protection programmes

Data Protection Officer/DPO for hire

We take on the role of external data protection officer

Audit and review

Verification of GDPR implementation in audits and company acquisitions


Thematic training and company-specific training programmes

Upcoming training programmes

We run courses for management teams, experts, data protection officers, for those who have been given data protection responsibilities and for larger groups also e.g., all employees in your organisation. Workshops, classroom training or e-learning - we customise the form and content of the training based on your target audience and budget.


PrivacyWorks offers a 500kr discount on our own courses for those attending remotely. rabatt på våra egna kurser för de som deltar på distans.

Upcoming training programmes

Bli en expert på praktiskt dataskydd!

DP Academy - a four-day course where you will learn everything you need to know about GDPR.

Date: 25-26 october and 21-22 november

The course is organised by the Data Protection Forum and Privacyworks. 

We will help you!

Advice & Implementation

We provide expert legal advice and guidance on GDPR and other data protection law whether it is a specific issue or a comprehensive approach to all data protection law. Our team has extensive experience in the practical management of data protection issues and can also help ensure your organisation implements the processes and procedures required to comply with external and internal regulations.

Data Protection Officer/
DPO for hire

We can take on the role of external data protection officer when your organisation lacks the right skills or resources. Within the framework of what we call ‘DPO for hire’, we appoint your data protection officer function according to a transparent and predictable business model. We can also support your own DPO with extra expertise or bandwidth.

Audit and review

We support audits of your GDPR implementation and your data protection legal programme, either through active coaching or by performing audits ourselves according to an agreed scope and model. In the case of corporate acquisitions, we take care of the ‘due diligence’ aspects of GDPR and data protection issues.

Vid företagsförvärv tar vi hand om den del av arbetet med due diligence som handlar om GDPR och dataskyddsfrågor.


Our team includes experienced trainers and lecturers in GDPR and data protection law. Every spring and autumn, together with the Data Protection Forum, we organise the DP Academy, a qualitative and practical training course for data protection officers and others who need knowledge about the practical application of the GDPR. We also offer company-adapted training and training programmes where we ensure that your employees receive the right training based on conditions and roles.

Naturligtvis erbjuder vi också företagsanpassade utbildningar och utbildningsprogram där vi säkerställer att era medarbetare får rätt utbildning utifrån förutsättningar och roller.

About us

We provide advice, practical implementation of processes and procedures, audits, training and solutions for data protection officers.


We are part of LegalWorks

As part of LegalWorks, we take care of your data protection legal issues and help you recognise opportunities, whether you are a start-up or a larger established company. With flexible and transparent business models, we cater to your needs, in the short or long term.

Our Way of Working

We believe in a practical implementation of rules and in providing recommendations and risk assessments based on the business, business operations and actual risks. Advisers with experience of working from inside an organisation have great advantages. That's why we have a team of advisors with practical experience from companies and organisations.

Regulations and technology must go hand in hand with data protection work. Therefore, lawyers and IT specialists need to work together in delivering to clients. We offer a team of the specialists required for your project.

We work closely with the client's organisation. By working with committed clients, we create the conditions for sustainable solutions that last after the project is completed ensuring ongoing quality and support to your GDPR implementation is provided whenever needed.


David Ericson

Data Protection Specialist

Tomas Jalling

Data Protection Specialist

Salma Syed

Data Protection Specialist

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Axel Tandberg

Data Protection Specialist

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