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LegalPartner™ - for companies with a frequent need of legal advice

A modern and flexible way to handle your company's legal issues. An experienced lawyer acts as your contact person and has behind him a whole team of lawyers with different areas of expertise and experience. LegalPartner enables you as a client to flexibly get support when needed, seize opportunities and prevent problems before they arise. All at a predictable fixed price.

LegalPartner is typically priced between SEK 20,000 - 160,000 per month. The price varies depending on the level of support your business needs. As an example, a package including a dedicated support team, on-site work two days a month, 10 hours of remote work, contracts and a digital platform for contract management would cost SEK 49,000 a month. We offer legal advice tailored to your company's needs by the hour as well as fixed pricing.

Let us help you with business law!

We help you with business law as issues arise (and even better before they arise). Choose the area in which you operate to get in touch with the right person.



We offer support throughout the Nordic region

Genom vårt samarbete inom ALTNordic kan vi erbjuda juridisk support i hela Norden. Ett idealiskt alternativ för den som vill ha hjälp med affärsjuridiken genom en ”one-stop-shop” i Norden.

ALTNordic, Alliance of Law and Technology in the Nordics, är en sammanslutning av affärsjurister med gemensamma värderingar och liknande arbetssätt. Vi tror på pragmatiskt och affärsnära support som externa bolagsjurister (med erfarenhet från advokatbranschen) och på digitaliseringens och automatikens kraft inom branschen. Övriga firmor i samarbetet är Laissa Oy i Helsingfors, IBF Legal AS i Oslo och Experticon ApS i Köpenhamn.


LegalWorks Nordic ABLaissa OyIBF Legal AS and Experticon ApS

This is how we work with some of our clients

Client Cases

Flexible support for the expanding company.

Long-term cooperation with many opportunities

Support during all phases of the start-up company.