For determined early-stage companies focused on developing technologies that improve the well-being of people and the planet. Is your company working to create a better tomorrow?

Supporting planet positive brands in creating a better tomorrow

LegalWorks initiative PlanetWorks is a social enterprise created to help and develop purpuseful driven companies focusing on the well-being of people and planet. Is your business working to create a better tomorrow? Keep reading.

PlanetWorks Discount

“The new meaning of greenfee”

For companies whose products and services have a positive impact on the planet and qualify with our list of sustainability goals, we offer a discount of 10% on our services. Want to see if your company makes the cut?

Qualifying list

  • A carbon footprint of max 2 tonnes of CO2e per employee in the company.
  • A clear documentation and steps taken of how you work to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Using at least 10% of energy from renewable sources.
  • Using at least 50% of paper from recyclable sources.
  • A clear and structured environmental policy.
  • A clear policy on anti-corruption.
  • A clear policy on labor rights.
  • A clear policy on human rights.

Legal Accelerator Program

For early stage companies with a goal to develop technology that increases the wellbeing of people and planet into their core business, we provide our Legal Accelerator Program (LAP). The LAP is available for early stage startups that wish to provide to a better world, and have a clear and focused business model on how to achieve this.

The program takes place over six months, in which the company receives the following benefits:

  • An initial workshop where experienced lawyers from LegalWorks helps you identify issues and needs and sets a legal strategy for your company.
  • 1500 SEK/h as blended rate for any legal services delivered after the initial workshop.
  • Access to templates and legal guides.

The above program is very exclusive and only available for max 3 companies at the same time. Are you a groundbreaking startup with main focus on the wellbeing of people and planet? Fill out the form below to apply for this program, and we will get back to you.

The Green Assets Wallet is a technology innovation by Stockholm Green Digital Finance, a not for profit missioned to accelerate green finance and investment through fintech solutions.

The GAW has been co-created together with capital market actors, green finance experts and technology innovators. It is a groundbreaking platform developed to unlock greater volumes of green investments – using blockchain.

Legal Works is partnering with GAW in the very first Legal Accelerator Program to help transition the innovation into its own company, in order to fully be of service to, and deliver efficiency and transparency to the green investment market. Read more here

Discover how Tebrito's insect-based products bring solutions to this protein challenge.

There is an urgent need for alternative proteins and Tebrito uses insects to take up the challenge. The company relies on its unmatched protein extraction expertise to offer high-grade protein products. The value-chain builds on circularity principles and delivers sustainable products. Tebrito bets on automation to fulfil its industrial scale ambitions and maximise its impact. Read more here


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